Versace’s Models Shows Off Natural Beauty


Models from left: Abbey-Lee Kershaw, Lindsey Wixson, and Joan Smalls.

Versace’s models Abbey-Lee Kershaw, Lindsey Wixson, and Joan Smalls looked beautiful in the spring 2011 Fashion Show for Versace.

Versace has toned their runway models down to a more calm and natural look.  The girls looked amazing and according to the viewers, their walk was amazing which was surprising to some. I have to say I am glad that the make-up the models wore wasn’t too much. The models usually have a smokey eye which bring more attention to the model’s face rather the clothing they are wearing. This natural look is much more appealing when dealing with clothing for the spring collection.

Overall Abbey, Lindsey, and Joan dresses were gorgeous for this upcoming spring. I also love the open-toe shoes that they wore which went well with the dress.  Way to go Versace!

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It Dawn Richards on a Fashion Come-Up?

Dawn Richards in Deola Sagoe

R&B singer Dawn Richards from former music group “Danity Kane” was spotted at the 6th Annual African-American Literary Awards.

Dawn Richards have not been in the public eye ever since her music group fell apart, maybe because her career fell apart as well. But Dawn is back on the go working on career and was recently seen at Bebe Spring 2011 Runway Show last week. At the awards, Dawn wore a Deola Sagoe dress and Gucci boots from their Fall 2010 collection. Dawn has always rocked the hottest looks even after her music career came crashing down. Her shoe game is the hottest right now also. However, I must say I am not a big fan of how she wore this outfit. I love the dress and shoes but she should not have worn boots with this nice dress. It was too much going on. A nice pair of pumps would have went well with the dress so she can show off her amazing legs. It also would have also been nice if she did something more with her hair. Better luck next time Dawn! Maybe next time she come into the public eye she would put into consideration that you can not wear designers spring collection with designers fall collection let along knee-high boots.

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Is Amber Rose taking over Fashion Week?

Amber Rose in BodyAmr

Socialite Amber Rose, known as rap superstar Kanye West ex-girlfriend is taking over the fashion industry.  

Amber Rose walked in BodyAmr’s show at London Fashion Week on Saturday and looked amazing. She was also spotted sitting in the front row at some of the shows this past week wearing some of the runway show designers. This girl is becoming a trend setter or shall I say already is! Coming from the background as a stripper from Philadelphia this is a big transformation. What will be next? She has already set the trend of women cutting their hair bald and dying it blonde.  From a stripper to an Elle Magazine photo shoot  to London Fashion Week, Amber Rose is moving up.  

I must say I don’t like what she’s wearing on the runway but she has such a unique style. I hope to see her come out with a fashion line soon. Keep up the good work Amber!

Everyday is a Fashion Show for Amber

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Who Wore it Best?

Celebrities in Nicole Miller

It’s a face-off of who wore it best!

It seems like everyone love Nicole Miller gray jumpsuit from her fashion line.

Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys, I must say looks beautiful with her hair pulled back. She rocked her jumpsuit with some gray and black snake-skin pumps. She accessorized her outfit with some silver hoop earrings and had bare arms.

Singer Letoya Luckett looks gorgeous! Her long jet black wavy hair adds spice to her look in her jumpsuit which was unzipped showing off her cleavage. She rocked some fabulous studded peep toe pumps along with her white Balenciaga bag.

Reality star Vanessa Simmons wore her jumpsuit with brown shoes and a lot of accessories.

I have to give the winners award to Letoya Luckett. She didn’t have too much jewelry or not enough. Her studded pumps went perfect with the jumpsuit and that bag, one word, FABULOUS. Alicia Keys did not have on enough jewelry for her hair to be pulled back. Vannesa Simmons should not have worn brown shoes with her jumpsuit. What was she thinking? She also had too much jewelry. Overall, these ladies look amazing but Letoya Luckett did her thing. Nice work Letoya!

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Ashanti steps out in Gianmarco Lorenzi


R&B singer Ashanti music career may have went out the window but her fashion sense is still here! Ashanti have not been in the public eye lately but was recently seen at Fashion Night Out in Beverly Hills looking amazing. She stepped out wearing some fierce Gianmarco Lorenzi platform pumps. I must say that was a great way to step out into the public eye rocking some high heels like that. She stated “her husband make her smile but these really make me smile”. Well Ashanti, if I had a pair of $2,000 Gianmarco Lorenzi pumps I will be doing more than smiling. Hopefully her music career can get back on track so that her fans can see her rocking the hottest shoes in the fashion industry. Who knows? Maybe she can get paid for wearing top designers fashion line like fashion icon Kim Kardashian. Good work Ashanti!

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Ciara Fashion Oops!!

Ciara can not be serious

R&B singer Ciara shot a video this week for her new song “Gimmie Dat”. Now me and my girls are all for Ciara when it comes to her music and fashion sense, but we could not hold her down when it comes to rocking converse stripper heels. What was she thinking? There is nothing cute and classy about wearing converse stripper heels and as far as I am concerned, she deserves to go to “fashion jail”.  We understand that Ciara is in fact known for dressing like a boy at times, but her “masculine look” does not need to interfere with “sexy look”. I’m not sure if its her style or her stylist idea, but this is no way to set a trend. Better luck next time Ciara.

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Rihanna’s New Fabulous Album Cover

Doesn't she look fabulous?

Fashionista Rihanna changes up her style and hair color in her fabulous album color for her new single “Only Girl”.  Rihanna rocked a beautiful dress matching her lovely hair which is now red. But did she really go nude in this album cover? We’re not use to seeing Rihanna do nude pictures besides the Vogue magazine cover where she looked gorgeous. In her last album cover she rocked a “rockstar” look. Maybe this soft and elegant look will reflect in this upcoming album. Besides, Rihanna is known for the different types of music she generates from reggae to rock to R&B. Way to go Rihanna!

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Your Latest Fashion Updates

My name is Erica Paris and I’m a student a DSU. I will be posting your latest fashion updates. This can include new trends or even new released fashion. I will includes pictures of models, celebrities, designers, etc. You will get your weekly fashion dos and donts included.

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